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Voice Your Opinion

Once you have informed yourself about the issues, write a Letter to the Editor of your local paper, share your opinions on social media and share information with organizations you belong to support strong environmental and natural resource protection legislation!

Start with a Letter to the Editor of your local papers:

The letters and opinion pages of your local newspaper are usually the most well read pages of the entire publication.  That's because your neighbors are looking to learn from community members how they think about the issues that affect your community and state.  Click here for a list of all of Michigan's regularly published newspapers sorted by town, and you'll find contact links for each one so you can submit a letter to the editor. 

 Share your thoughts on social media

Sierra Club uses Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media to keep our members and supporters up to speed.  You can sign up and then pass along the information of greatest concern to you and your family and community.  Look to the left and click on these sites to sign up now.

Share your concerns and knowledge with groups you support and participate in

Whether it is the PTO, an extreme sports group, a church, a Community Supporte Agriculture group, a fraternal organization, or a choir or band, when you are a part of a social, sport or other organization you can share your concerns about protecting the air, water and well-being of your community and find like minded people who may also want to help.  Many groups are looking for programs - we can help you with films, videos and other materials to get the conversation going.  Petitions, flyers, etc., are also available.  Check with your Michigan Sierra Club Group or the Michigan Chapter office so we can connect you with just what you need.

Take Action!

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