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If you've ever felt confused, lost or generally bamboozled about getting started as an activist, this is your kit. The Sierra Club has released an activist toolkit for anyone who lives in the Consumers Energy service region. This handy guide will teach would-be organizers how to become a force for positive change in their communities. When is it appropriate to contact the newspaper to see if they will publish your op-ed? How can you get your environmental message on the radio? Should you use Facebook to plan your next rally?

It doesn't matter how much previous experience you have. The toolkit will serve as a powerful guide for delivering a dynamic, directed, and poignant message. The 14-page activist toolkit provides details on how to start a petition drive, work with media, hold an event, and enlist the support of your community. It comes with over a dozen resources that will increase your understanding of the work that is being done regarding Consumer's Energy. This document was designed to give everyone the knowledge of an expert organizer. If you're looking to learn, empower, or create change, then you need to read the activist toolkit. For support, contact regina.strong@sierraclub.org.


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