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Michigan's environment is under an unprecedented attack from the Legislature in the spring of 2012. If you care about Michigan's future it is time to both get mad AND get active! 

Use your voice to demand protection for our air, water, land and our children's future.  Whether you write a letter to the editor so your neighbors learn about this assault, send an e-mail to your Senator, vote in upcoming elections, clean up your neighborhood, or talk to your children about protecting our rights as citizens to be heard and to vote, YOU are making a difference!

Here are some tools to help you be an informed and engaged advocate for Michigan's quality life, public health and the future all of us depend on:


Online Actions
It takes less than a minute to make your voice heard on these issues....

Voice Your Opinion
Make your opinion heard in letters to the editor, social media and public forums!

Get Involved
There are many ways to get involved in Sierra Club -- go on an outing, volunteer with your local group or Michigan Chapter, even become an intern!

Local, Organic, Non-CAFO* Foods
As Sierra Club members, we are all well informed as to dangers of CAFOs and pesticide use on our produce. We have received several inquiries from member regarding where to purchase meat and produce from farmers and distributors who do not add to the mega-farm, mega-pollution problem.

Current Legislative Updates
Learn what environmental legislation is being debated in the Michigan Legislature, and find out how you can get involved!

Get Connected: Enviro-Mich
Enviro-mich is a unique forum where a cross section of people interested in the environment share information and sometimes debate the key environmental issues of the day

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