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Get Connected: Enviro-Mich

Join the conversation  with conservationists, environmentalists, activists, industry representatives, natural resource professionals, government officials, public health officials, academics, journalists, and citizens.  Since 1997, Enviro-Mich has been undisputedly the most important environmental communication channel in Michigan.  Over 700 Enviro-Mich members post messages with announcements, press releases, information, questions, observations - all about topics that relate in some way to Michigan's precious natural resources.  Here's a link to the Enviro-Mich archive, where you can see the type of informaton that is posted, and the amount of daily "traffic" on the listserv.  We hope you join the conversation, too.   Here's how!

How to Join Enviro-Mich

Enviro-Mich is an email listservice, or listserv.  Only subscribers may send emails to the listserv and receive emails from the listserv.  Once you've subscribed, you would send your message to one address and it will be distributed to the entire listserv membership.  The service is hosted by the Great Lakes Information Network.  

To subscribe, unsubscribe and to alter your subscription for Enviro-Mich, please visit

New!  Enviro-Mich digests are now available!!  With digests, all EM email is combined in a single digest transmission once a day if you wish to receive your electronic deliverables in that form.  You can set your preferences at the website address above.  You may wish to establish a personal Enviro-Mich password, and you may do that at that main site as well.

Enviro-Mich was conceived and implemented fully by Sierra Club Volunteer List Manager Alex Sagady, and his work to manage this service has been absolutely invaluable.  Thank you, Alex!


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