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The Greater Sibley Prairie Complex

The Greater Sibley Prairie Complex, is one of the largest and highest quality lake-plain prairie remnants in the Great Lakes Region. This tract of land was recently assessed in the Michigan Natural Features Inventory as a globally revered habitat and is home to 177 native plants, grasses and flowers that have been identified, including threatened and endangered species. Sibley Prairie is part of the Detroit River watershed. Its wetlands are a significant groundwater recharge area which drains into Brownstown Creek, the Bakely Drain and Marsh Creek, connecting to the Detroit River downstream from Humbug Marsh.

This pristine area is threatened by ongoing development. 160,000 acres of lake-plain prairies existed in Michigan historically. Now it's down to about 1000 and most of it is in Wayne County, particularly in Brownstown Township. Our intention is to create a nature preserve or park because this environmentally sensitive area needs to be protected for quality of life in the Downriver community and for the health of the Detroit River ecosystem.

It will take a concerted effort from the Downriver community to make this happen. If you are interested in dedicating the prairie as a nature preserve, please contact Mary LaFrance, Sierra Club of Southeast Michigan Conservation Committee, 734-282-6935 (email: