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Mary Beth Doyle

Mary Beth Doyle

by David Holtz, Michigan Director - Clean Water Action

For many, losing Mary Beth Doyle—so suddenly in November to a car accident—still seems like a bad dream. Except, of course, it’s real. Awful real.

Mary Beth was 43 when she died. She was one of the most accomplished environmental advocates in Michigan and, perhaps, the most beloved. She began her 15-year career briefly with Sierra Club, and then Greenpeace, but will be known for the incredible energy, intelligence and leadership she brought to environmental health for the past 12 years with the Ecology Center in Ann Arbor.

Quoting from just a portion of the Memorial Service Program for Mary Beth provides a glimpse of the depth of her involvement:

Among the most notable of her accomplishments was her work as a leader of a successful campaign to shut down the Henry Ford Hospital incinerator in Detroit. She also worked with residents in Hamtramck to close a troubled, dirty and polluting commercial incinerator there. In Romulus, she helped local residents fight the establishment of a toxic waste injection well. And she was a leader of the Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition, a Detroit-based coalition fighting for environmental justice....

She was a leader in national and international coalitions including Health Care Without Harm, Be Safe Coalition, Coming Clean Coalition, Stop Dioxin Campaign, the Dow Campaign, the Alliance for Safe Alternatives, Safe Hometowns Campaign, and the Childproofing Campaign, each of which was designed to protect people from toxic substances. She recently worked on a nationwide campaign to test the dust of homes and offices to demonstrate the toxic components of everyday consumer products and to lobby for safer alternatives. She worked with communities across the country to shut down polluting incinerators and to develop uniform standards for alternative waste treatment technologies.

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