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Suburban Sprawl

Sierra Club volunteers in Michigan have led the way to protect open space, farm lands, wetlands and woodlands from development and sprawl.  The Huron Valley Group led efforts to create a Greenbelt in the Ann Arbor area designed to purchase and protect farm lands and open space.  Nepessing Group and Central Michigan Group leaders are working on farm land protection efforts in their communities.  Traverse City members have taken on fights to block unneeded roads and bridges that will contribute to sprawl.  Sierra Club volunteers throughout Michigan are engaged in local land use decisions and efforts to protect special lands.  Check out the activities in your local area by visiting the Michigan Chapter's Local Sierra Club Group pages.

Greening local communities through improved transportion, sound zoning and planning practices and reinvesting in urban areas are at the top of our list.  Each of our regional Sierra Club Michigan Chapter Groups follows local issues and bring a strong voice for sound land use and transportation planning to their communities.  Please contact your local Group leaders to find out how to get involved.










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