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Water Sentinels

Yellow Dog River, Marquette County, MichiganMichigan Water Sentinels are making a difference.

Michigan’s Water Sentinels work to protect and restore waters we live near and care about.  We test waters all over our state -  at our southern border, in Mid-Michigan, the Thumb, and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  We conduct baseline monitoring, monitor polluting animal factories, and notify state agencies about pollution when we find it. 

We teach students how to study their water, advise on public water policy, submit comments on toxic cleanups and  water permits, even on the state’s official list of impaired waters, and air quality permits that could harm our waters.

We educate others about what we learn, and we have fun doing it!  There’s much to do.  We need your help.  Click the links for details, and contact Conservation Director Anne Woiwode if you want to help.  

Shown:  Yellow Dog River, northern Marquette County, Upper Peninsula, Michigan, photo by Rita Chapman

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Water Sentinel Kids, testing water, look inside a net to find water bugs.

Water Sentinels projects We're testing water quality all over Michigan.  We're making a difference.


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