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Facing Problems with an Existing CAFO?

Your first question may be:  Why should ordinary citizens have to help stop CAFO pollution?Two volunteers test water downstream from a Lenawee County CAFO.

The quick answer: Many officials don't know that CAFOs cause problems, or if they do they don't have the staff or resources to take all the proper steps to enforce the law on these facilities. (Read the not-so-quick answer.) 

By following the steps outlined below, you can collect credible information to help let regulatory agencies know what's happening in your community, so that they can take environmental law enforcement action.

The image shows 2 members of the Environmentally Concerned Citizens of South Central Michigan testing water downtream from a CAFO.

Where Do I Begin?
There are some basic tools you'll need on hand to get you going on your investigation..
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How to
Create a Layout of the CAFO

Before beginning any on-the-ground investigation of a cafo, you need to gather information.
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How to
Conduct Water Sampling Near a CAFO
If you've heard about a CAFO that has plans to come into your community and you want to stop it, here's where to begin.
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How to
Organize Community Members to Help Stop CAFO Pollution
How do you stop a CAFO? You organize! Become the very loud squeaky wheel.
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How to
Report a CAFO's Illegal Behavior to Regulatory Agencies
Who do you call? When do you call? How do you file a complaint against a CAFO and make it stick?
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