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Yellow Dog Sentinels, Marquette County

Sulfide Mining Baseline Water Monitoring: Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Yellow Dog Plains, Marquette County:  The Central Upper Peninsula Group’s Yellow Dog Water Sentinels project, ably led by David Allen and John Rebers with a large contingent of volunteers, has conducted 5 years of monthly (non-winter) monitoring on 14 river sites in northern Marquette County.  See 2009 dates below.  The CUP Group is monitoring the Salmon Trout River, the Yellow Dog River, Cedar Creek, and many small branches and tributaries.  The group issued their first report in summer 2007, and submitted their own comments on Kennecott's permit applications, and submitted their water quality information to the DEQ and Department of Natural Resources, using the information to testify at the mine permit hearing.  The Sierra Club referenced the CUP Group’s water quality data in the Michigan Chapter's permit comments – and corroborated it with data from the (USGS gauge located on the East Branch Salmon Trout River that indicated very cold water, and extremely low conductivity, in turn indicating extremely clean water.  In addition, fairly consistent cold water temperatures indicate almost 100% groundwater inflow, meaning the stream ecosystem is very vulnerable to any changes in groundwater quality.  Check back soon for a copy of the 2007 water quality report.  Contact Conservation Director Anne Woiwode or Dave Allen for more information about this monitoring project. 

2010 Yellow Dog Sentinels Water Monitoring and Little Presque Isle Cleanup Dates:

Note - please contact Dave Allen or John Rebers to verify these dates before venturing out!  
Cleanups at Little Presque Isle:  The CUP Group has been doing this cleanup for many years.  Says Dave Allen, "In the early periods we would get about a ton of trash per pickup; new we get a couple of decent trash bags full.  A clean area tends to stay clean.  (And I enjoy doing it.)  Meet at 10am in the Little Presque Isle parking lot for a two hour outing. Often we do an afternoon activity out there as well."

Call Dave Allen (906/228-9453) or John Rebers (906/228-3617) if you want more information.

Saturday July 24

Sunday August 22

Saturday September 25

Sunday October 24

Water Sentinals water sampling on the streams of the Yellow Dog Plains:  It is likely that baseline measuring is over and monitoring must be done. We all fervently hope that development on the plains will not bring water pollution.  The EPA could still deny a permit or legal efforts to block mine construction may succeed. But the likelihood of no pollution increases if all know that many eyes are watching the streams.  Meet at 10:00 am at the Huron Mountain Realty in Big Bay.  Bring lunch - we usually get back to Big Bay about 5pm.  Call Dave Allen (906/228-9453) or John Rebers (906/228-3617) if you want more information.

Sunday July 25

Saturday August 21

Sunday September 26

Saturday October 23


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