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Environmental Legislation

During each two-year legislative session, Sierra Club staff and citizen lobbyists engage in the legislative process. One of the ways we influence the outcome of votes on environmental legislation is to issue Position Statements and Floor Letters. 

Sierra Club issues Position Statements to educate lawmakers in advance of a vote on a particular bill, during our citizen Lobby Days and when bills get a committee hearing. We issue Floor Letters or Position Statements to all of the members of the House or Senate on the day we expect a bill to get a vote in either chamber. Once we let lawmakers know how we want them to vote on a particular bill or package of bills, the results of the vote may be included in our Legislative Scorecards.

Sierra Club's Legislative Priorities for 2011-2012


Sierra Club Oposses Bills that Give Animal Factories Permission to Pollute


Position Statements & Floor Letters for the 2009-2010 Legislative Session

Sierra Club Supports HBs 6063-6070 - Strengthening Michigan's Energy Efficiency Standard - Bill Overview

Sierra Club Opposes HB 5334/SB 725 - Ending Michigan's Yard Waste Ban - Position Statement

Sierra Club Opposes HB 5220 - to undermine the Governor's Executive Directive - Dec. 19 - Position Statement

House Agriculture Committee Passes Meaningless Animal "Welfare" Bills - Press Statement - July 27, 2009

Sierra Club Opposes Animal "Welfare" Bills - HB 5127-5128 - Position Statement

Sierra Club Supports Bill to Ban Lindane - Position Statement

Sierra Club Opposes DEQ "Reform" Bill - Position Statement

Sierra Club Opposes HB 4610 - Right to Ride - Position Statement

Michigan Should Not Give Away Wetlands Protection Program - Comments by Gayle Miller 3/17/2009

Position Statements & Floor Letters for the 2007-2008 Legislative Session

Senate Doubles Drain Taxes - Press Statement by Gayle Miller 12/19/2008

Clean Energy Package - Final Passage Floor Letter - 9/17/2008

Drain Code - HB 4641-4644 & HB 4688 - 2/28/2008

Lindane Ban - HB 4569 - 5/14/2008

Yard Waste Landfilling Exemption - 5/29/2008

Relinquishment of Open Space Easements for Biofuels - SB 1127 - 5/22/2008


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