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Award Winners

  Past Mackinac Chapter Award Recipients

Service Awards: These are given to Chapter and Group volunteers and/or leaders who have contributed a significant amount of time and effort to the Club. No Service Awards will be given to active Chapter Executive Committee members except for a specific achievement or contribution. Each Group may nominate as many people as they chose, however tradition has led to the awarding of one Service Award per group per year unless there was a shared project or effort.

2013: John Ford (HVG), John Wilson (CG), Terry Reechko (NG)

Rick Pearsall (CG), Jerry Schuur (CMG), Kathy and Bill Davis (CUP), Julie Ann Wang (SEMG), Robert Gordon (Chapter), Mary Sexton (special)

Richard Naber (NG), Rita Mitchell (HVG)

 Aaran Nelson (Chapter), Mitch Mitchell (SEMG), Don James (NG), Jill Henke (WMG)

2009: Kathy Carlile (WMG, Italia Milan (SEMG), Susan Carr (NG), Julianna Weaver (Chapter), Paul Kindel (CMG)

2008: John Klein (Chapter), Kara Noack (CG)

2007: Sharon Wilson (WMG), Gloria Scicli (SEMG), Alyce Townsend (NG), Dave Vruggink (TG), Lee Burton (CG), Ami Lane-Elliot (Staff), Danielle Craft (Staff), Julie Griess (Political Committee)

2006: Sue Lossing (NG), Ponti Ang (SEMG), Michele Miller-Hansen (WMG), Kathy Guerro (HVG), Peggy Fry (TG), Priscilla Walmsley (TG), Gayle Miller (staff)

2005: Lisa Symons (WMG), William Hamilton (CUP), Robert Simpson (NG), Ron Smith (CG), Jim Stricko (TVG), Nancy Shiffler (HVG), Judy Kindel (Chapter)

2004: Jean Gramlich (SEMG), Lynn and Dean Henning (CMG), Marian Listwak (NG), Beth Laug (WMG), Suzie Heiney (HVG), Bill Pierce (CG), Pam Smith (TVG)

2003: Tina Topalian (HVG), Karen Pierce (CG), Denny Crispell (NG), Marty Lore (WMG), Andrea Dean (TG)

2002: John Herrgott (SEMG), Sue Altman (CUP), John Lewis (TG), Maria Lapinski-LaFaive (CMG), Joanne Cantoni (SEMG), Sarah Houwerzyl (WMG), Mike Sklar (HVG), Jerry Duran (WMNG), Jean Gaffney (NG), Kathy Dulac (CG),Paul Thielking (CG),

2001: Christine Battiste (Intern), Tracie Rexer, Monica Evans(TG), Mary LaFrance (SEMG); Peter Pasterz (CMG)

2000: David Wright (CG), Terry Lemmer (NG), Craig Ressler (WMG), Richard Posey (CUPG), Kevin Bell (HVG)

1999: Sherry Hayden & Mike Keeler (NG), Sue McMahon (CG), Doug Cowherd (HVG), Cindy Mills (KVG), Barbara Yarrow (SEMG)

1998: Bob Duda (SEMG), Linda Berker(NG), Sherry Hayden(NG), Mike Sklar(HVG)

1997: John Rebers (CUP), Dave Bos (CUP), Ana Holden (SEMG), Emily Gobright (CG), Julie Griess (HVG), Joan Paskewitz (HVG), Cathy Semer, Lynn Livingston (NG), Sue Lossing (NG), Lisa Wickman (CMG)

1996: David & Judy Allen (CUP, Paula Ballast (WMG), Cindy Engelmann (NG), Rick Pearsall (CG), John Pulver (WMG), David Warren (HVG), Jan Zender-Romick (TVG)

1995: Dan Minock (CG), Elizabeth Allingham (SEMG), Suzan Berker (NG), Cathy Waller (CUPG), Deb Stenkamp and Judy Thompson (HVG)

1994: Sue Kelly (CG), Pam LaPan (EWG), Lydia Fischer (SEMG), Ruth Graves (HVG) & Dave Piekarczyk (CUPG)

1993: Fawn VanCleve (CMG), Judy Allen (CUPG), Kim Waldo (HVG), Anne Crane (NG), Paul Bruce (NeMG), Dianne Meyer (TLG), Kathy Snook (WMG), Sara Thomas (CG), Loren Beatty (Chapter Lemonade stand), Bob Volz (retreat registrar).

1992: Jean McManus (CMG), John Wilson (NeMG), Connie Hertz (HVG), Dave Shepherd (WMcNG), Eleanor Conaway (CG), Kurt Meister, Janet Young, and Rus Hollister (Chapter)

1991: Gary Semer (Central Michigan), Herold Stokes (Redford), Jim Corcoran (West Bloomfield)

1990: Gil Starks (Mt. Pleasant), Renee Fillion-Crutcher & Dave Crutcher (Detroit), Bob Bergman & Jan O'Connell (Grand Rapids)

1989: Patrick Dengate (Detroit) & George Sexton (Ann Arbor)

1988: Vince Smith (Huron Valley), Linda Berker (Lapeer) & Louis Porter

  Virginia Prentice Award: This award is given to an individual who has made significant contributions to the preservation of wilderness and/or the protection of public lands in Michigan. This award is open to both members and non-members.

2011: Amy Clark Eagle

Cynthia Pryor

2006: Rusty Gates of Anglers of the Au Sable

2005: Doug Cowherd, Mike Garfield, Bill Hanson

2004: Mary LaFrance

2003: Nancy Shiffler

2002: John Rebers

2001: Monica Evans and Lynn Livingston

2000: Dave Allen CUPG

1999: Mike Johnson

1998: Carol Ward

1996: Ralph Powell

1995: Mike Huntly & Gayle Coyer for protection of public lands in the UP.

1994: Tim Flynn for his work protecting our forests.

1993: John Wilson for work protecting our National Forests.

1992: George Buchner for working to regulate ORV use in Michigan.

1991: Marvin Roberson (Calumet)

1990: Bob Delay (Milford)

1989: Linda Berker (Lapeer) & Drew Barton (Ann Arbor)

1988: Jane Elder (Madison, Wisconsin)

1987: The Honorable Dale Kildee (Flint)

Marlene Fluharty Award: This award is given to a Chapter member who has served the Sierra Club on at least two levels (Group, Chapter &/or National) over an extended period of time and has made significant contributions or is responsible for a major project which has significantly benefited the Club. When making nominations for this award please try to include years involved in Club, jobs and leadership positions held, accomplishments, projects, contributions, awards, etc.

2012: Frank Zaski

  Shirley Kallio

2009: Ralph and Barbara Powell

2008:  Ed McArdle

2007: Jan O’Connell

2006: Sue Kelly

2005: Kim Waldo

2003: Anna Holden

2002: Lydia Fischer

2001: Mike Johnson

2000: Anna Holden SEMG

1999: Gary Semer

1998: Jan O’Connell

1997: Helen LeBlanc

1996: Nancy Shiffler

1995: John Mitchell

1994: Mike Wagner

1993: Ken Langton

1992: Kathy Mitchell

1991: Lois Robbins

1990: Gwen Nystuen

1989: Claudia Applegate

1988: Susan Pemberton

1987: Mark Miller

Environmental Journalism: For environmental reporting or editorials. As of 2000, we have both a broadcast award and a print journalism award. In 2008, an online communications award was added.

Online Communications: 

2012: Jeff Alexander (Bridge Magazine)

Progress Michigan

Eartha Melzer, The Michigan Messenger

2009: Glenn Puit, Michigan Land Use Institute

2008: Eric Baerren of MichiganLiberal.com


2010: Eartha Melzer

Glenn Puit

Michigan Public Radio - The Environment Report

2006: Fox 17 News of Grand Rapids

2004: Marc Schollett of TV 7 & 4

2002: Sarah Hulett, Michigan Public Radio

2001: Rick Pluta, Michigan Public Radio

2000: WEMU, Ypsilanti Mi for their "Issues of the Environment" program with David Fair and Donna Southwell


2012: Jeff Alexander (Bridge Magazine)

Progress Michigan

Jeff Kart of the Bay City Times

2009: Miriam Moeller of the Mining Journal

2008: Curt Guyette of the Metro Times

2007: John Pepin

2006: Jeff Alexander of the Muskegon Chronicle

2004: Traverse City Record-Eagle

2003: The Detroit Free Press for coverage of the lead issue

2002: Paula Evans Neuman, Heritage Newspapers

2001: Metro Times

2000: Michigan Citizen

1998: Shellee Smith & Robin Fornoff, Channel 7, WXYZ

1997: Heater Morgan, Lansing State Journal

1996: Joan Silvi, Craig Fahle, and Gretchen Millick; reporting for the Great Lakes Radio Consortium For environmental reporting or editorials.

1995: Barbara Stanton (Detroit Free Press)

1994: David Poulson of Booth Newspapers

1993: Ken Garber of The Ann Arbor Observer for the article on Envotech

1992: The Detroit Free Press Editorial Board

1990: Donovan Reynolds (WKAR-TV)

1989: Dennis Pfaff (The Detroit News)

Jane Elder Environmentalist of the Year Award: (Formerly Conservationist of the Year) Often awarded to a political leader outside the Club, but need not be restricted to that category.

2011: Jennifer Granholm

 Steve Chester, former Director of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality

2008:  John Hunting

2006: Senator Liz Brater

2005: Peter Wege

2004: Representative Paul Gieleghem

2003: Margaret Dodd, Mayor of Traverse City

2002: Tim Flynn

2001: Senator Alma Wheeler Smith

2000: Senator Gary Peters

1999: Dave Dempsey

1998: Senator Ken DeBeaussart

1997: The Honorable Lynn Rivers

1996: Michigan Representative Elizabeth Brater

1995: Congressman David Bonior

1993: Paul Henry, US Representative from Grand Rapids

1992: the "Anniversary Award" for continued activity for the environment awarded to Howard Wolpe

1991: Jane Elder

1990: Rep. Mary Brown

White Pine Award: Given to a non-member, organization or group which has shown extraordinary dedication to protection of the environment.

2013: Heather Miller

Genesee Audubon Society and The Lone Tree Council

Anglers of the Au Sable

Sam Flanery of Building Sciences Academy

2009:  Bud DeLong and Tom Harkleroad (for their efforts fighting the Wolverine Power Supply Cooperative coal plant)

2008: Earthkeepers

2007: Crystal Mountain Resort

2006: Robert Bishop

2005: Environmentally Concerned Citizens of South Central Michigan

2004: Stop the Burn Coalition Leadership

2003: Bill Tobler

2002: Ed Lorenz and Murray Borrello of Alma College

2001: Nancy C. Schlichting of Henry Ford Hospital

2000: Jewel Ware, Wayne County Commissioner

1999: Barry Lonik, Potawatomie Land Trust

1998: Tracey Easthope, The Ann Arbor Ecology Center

1997: Ann Hunt, Citizens for Alternatives to Chemical Contamination

1996: Huron River Watershed Council

1995: Janice O'Neal of Flint-Genesse United for Action, Justice & Environmental Safety

1994: Gary & Tess Nelkie of Nordic Sports in Oscoda

1993: White Water Associates for helping businesses to become environmentally responsible

1992: CAE Corporation

1991: Michigan Bell

1990: Bob Munn

1989: Bill Swathout

Chair's Award: Presented by the Chapter Chair to honor a former Mackinac Executive Committee member for her/his past work.

2013: Craig Brainard

Richard Barron

Gayle Miller

 Ed Steinman

2009: Lydia Fischer

2008: Sue Kelly

2006: Helen LeBlanc

2005: Mike Johnson

2004: David Holtz

2003: Lydia Fischer

2002: Fred Townsend

2001: Barbara Yarrow

2000: Judy Thompson

1999: Tim Flynn

1998: Mike Keeler

1997: Carol Graham

1996: Jan O'Connell

1995: Ron Smith

1994: Gary Semer

1993: Ed McArdle

1992: Nancy Shiffler

1991: Alex Sagady

1990: Ralph Powell

1989: Helen LeBlanc & Ken Magnell

Sylvania Award: To recognize a Sierra Club volunteer who is new on the scene, but who has already demonstrated great enthusiasm, hard work, and dedication. (Established 1990)

2013: Dave Errickson

2012: Mark Muhich

2011: Kay Cumbow

2010:  Laurie Tata

2009:  Leigh Fifelski

2008:  Mitch Mitchell

2006: Sarah Kubik

2005: Bill Rodgers

2004: Dave Llewellyn

2003: Bill Rodgers

2002: Kim Waldo

2001: Julie Murphy

2000: Tim Killeen

1998: Sue Kelly

1997: Fred Townsend

1996: Judy Thompson

1995: Mike Keeler

1994: John Rebers

1993: Carol Graham

1992: Ron Smith

1991: Fred Young

1990: Rowena Villarias

Vince Smith Award: To recognize outstanding contributions to the Chapter outings program. (Established 1992)

2012: Lorne Beatty

2011: Roger Blanchard

2010: Denny Burr

2000: Elizabeth Allingham

1999: Joanne Spatz

1998: Cindy Engelmann

1997: Ron Killebrew

1996: Elaine Goodspeed

1995: Dave Bos

1994: Bill Minard

1993: Phil Crookshank

1992: Ralph Powell

Cougar Award: To recognize outstanding efforts by or with students. (Established 1993)

2011: MSU Beyond Coal Campaign

2008: Knight Center for Environmental Journalism at Michigan State University

2006: Dorothy Blanchard

2005: Katie Culkins

2003: Benzie Centrals Envirothon Team

2002: Chris Little, Kyle Endicott, Alex Lane, Adam Begley, Chris Wilsens

2001: Caleb Kline and Andrew Laycock

2000; Moosewood Nature Center, Marquette Mi

1999: John Pulver, Paula Ballast

1998: Johathan Esmail, Brady Nature Institute

1997: Jeannie Palms and the Blossom Home Preschool

1996: Marvin Downs, Flint Schools

1995: Leslie Science Center : Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti environmental programs

1994: Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Stream Team

1993: Lee Burton for establishing the Sierra Eagles and the Pioneer Ecology Club for longstanding work on the environment

Alex Sagady Cyber-Punk Award

This award is given to recognize outstanding efforts by an volunteer activist to raise awareness and disseminate information about Michigan’s environment by the use of electronic media.

2013: Matt Wandel, Paul Brady, Jacque Rose

2012: Rebecca Hammond

2011: M’Lynn Hartwell

2010: Ed Steinman

2005: Bec-N-Call

2003: Rick Pearsall

1999: Davina Pallone

1997: Alex Sagady

Life of the Party Award

This award is given to gratefully acknowledge those volunteers who take seriously the Sierra Club’s credo “to enjoy the wild places of the Earth.”

2012: Richard Barron and Denny Crispell

2004: Wanda Bloomquist & Lisa Wickman

2003: The Traverse Group

2002: Mark Janeczko

2001: Rita Jack

2000: Gary and Cathy Semer

1999: Mike Keeler (NG)

1998: Gwen Nystuen

1997: Jim Turner (CG), Jerry Wickman (CMG)

Centennial Award: To recognize a dedicated long-time Sierra Club member. Issued only once in celebration of the Sierra Club's 100th Anniversary.

1992: Vince Smith

Burton V. Barnes Award: For academic excellence in support of the environment.

2012: Rolf Peterson

2011: Murray Borrello

2010: Dr Henry Pollack

2009: Peter Sinclair

2005: Melanie Gunn

2004: Burton V. Barnes

Bunyan Bryant Award: For work in environmental justice.

2012: Paul Mohai

2011: Lee Sprague

2010: 48217 Zip Code

2009:  Sally Kniffen

2008: Detroit Councilwoman Jo Ann Watson

2007: Delores Leonard

2005: Donele Wilkins

2004: Bunyan Bryant


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